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December 30 2011
Posted by Asianpornvideos  [ 18:09 ]
Did you dolls catch the show last night? Jess is all kinds of worried about having sex for the first time with her new boyfriend. She feels out of practice; she’d been out of the sex game since breaking up with her boyfriend and felt self-conscious about her skills. I think we’ve all been there, right? Once you’ve been with someone for awhile, you two get comfortable in the bedroom. And when you end things and start with someone new, you suddenly start questioning what worked for you before.
After a disastrous first attempt with her Hard Core Porn new beau (he scurried out her apartment after things went south!), Jess turns to her guy friends for sex advice. Nick and Winston tell her to just be herself. LOVES it.
It’s so easy to get caught up in sex scenes we see in movies, TV or even porn. And not all sex tips are for everyone! But being yourself in the bedroom is something everyone should practice. If a particular hooking up hint doesn’t sound at all appealing to you, don’t do it! Conversely, if blindfolds (or whatever!) sound weird but you secretly have always wanted to try 'em, go for it!
Who else adores this simple piece of Adult hard Porn sex advice? And have you ever questioned your skills in the bedroom after a dry spell?
A few sex tips that might tickle your fancy…
* Hooking Up: 5 Hot Dares to Try Tonight!
* Sex Tip From a Guy: High-Five Your Way to Orgasm
* Sex Tip: Email Your Guy THIS to Get Him All Riled Up for Tonight
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Posted by Asianpornvideos  [ 18:09 ]

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of super easy sex tips. Elaborate moves that require all sorts of flexibility aren’t really my bag. I’m down for moves that just about anyone can pull off, like this delightfully simple trick.
When you and your boyfriend are having sex, rub your You Porn leg up against his. It’s an unexpected way to let him know you’re enjoying yourself plus you’ll get a sexy kick out of feeling his strong legs flex and relax as they’re working their magic.
Have you tried this move before? If not, does it sound like something you’d like to test drive? What do you do with your legs during sex? Let them lie still? Wrap them around your guy’s waist? Throw one over his shoulder?
Move it and shake it with these Porno fun sex tips…
* Sex Tip From a Guy: High-Five Your Way to Orgasm
* Found! Two Easy Ways to Get a Little Freaky in Bed (With Stuff You Probably Already Have!)
* Hooking Up: 5 Hot Dares to Try Tonight!
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Posted by Asianpornvideos  [ 18:09 ]
Running errands around the holidays can be stressful. There are lines to wait in, traffic jams to sit in and parking spaces to passively aggressively fight over. One way to take off the edge? This flirty little sex tip…
Hmm, wonder where her right hand is? Perhaps squeezing her beau’s booty?
When you and your partner are out and Sex Tube about dealing with holiday crowds, get a little grabby. Reach down and give his rump a pat while you’re out running errands. Or gently trace your fingers across his neck while you two are waiting in line. After you’ve found a space in the mall’s massive parking structure, give his leg a sexy squeeze before hopping out of the car. A little action like this will put you both in the mood and once you get home you’ll be ready to pounce on each other!
Do you and your dude get flirty and Hot Adult grabby like this when you’re running errands? Would moves like this make your boyfriend smile?
Don’t just lie there, bust a move!
* Sex Tip from a Guy (And Our New Favorite TV Show!)
* Found! Two Easy Ways to Get a Little Freaky in Bed (With Stuff You Probably Already Have!)
* Sex Tips: A New Position That's Guaranteed to Drive You BOTH Wild!
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Posted by Asianpornvideos  [ 18:09 ]
You all know by now that I’m not afraid to push the envelope (anal, anyone?). Now, darling Smitten readers, things are about to get a bit…messy. Whether you call it TOM (time of the month), Elmo Riding the Cotton Pony or good ole Aunt Flo, a lot of us routinely suffer from unbearable cramps, moodiness and fatigue, so it doesn’t seem fair we should have to suffer from sex withdrawal too, right? I wanted to know what the guys I know thought about period sex, and let’s just say I’m glad I asked--but don't say I didn't warn you about some of their answers.
"Not gross, not necessarily awesome. In a Free Teen Porn long-distance relationship where you don't see the person all the time, you can't always control the timing if you know what I mean. And there is nothing wrong with it at all. A one-time hookup with someone you just met? I can wait. Just have to be prepared to throw out the sheets in case they end up looking like a double homicide scene. "
- Jason, 26, bartender
"Fine by me if I Iove her and she doesn't have a heavy flow. I'll do it if I'm in a relationship with the girl. I've even gone down on girls who have had their period. I don't think having a period is any reason for a woman to feel embarrassed about having sex... it's natural!"
- Drew, 28, agent
"I think I speak for a small but growing minority of men who are actually kinda into it. Don't think it's weird, not grossed out by it at all...My take is that if the hypothetical girl in question doesn't mind or even enjoys having sex during the Crimson Tide, then I don't mind either. One girl told me she loved having sex on her period because it alleviated her cramps, which gave the lovemaking a whole new dimension—it was like I was helping her out, massaging her muscles from the inside. That said, I draw the line at cunnilingus during menstruation."
- Adam, 33, research assistant
"Find it utterly disgusting... Only Free Adult in the shower if it's the only choice. I am not a fan at all."
- Sam, 32, music exec
"I only do it in two circumstances: if I'm in a relationship with a girl or if I get that crazy need to and I can't be fulfilled through other methods. When I was 18 I used to do it about once a month, but it's been a while. It usually depends on the girl—if she doesn't care, I don't care; if she does, then I won't do it."
- Ian, 25, dogwalker
"No, thank you."
-Jack, 35, carpenter
Do say I didn't warn you! So, chickadees, what do you think about what the guys had to say? What are your feelings on having sex during your period? Yay in certain circumstances, or just plain nay?
More on the crazy stuff men think:
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* What Men REALLY Think of Vibrators
* Do Men Always Want More Than Friendship? Nope: 4 Guys Confess the Best Reasons To Have (and Keep) Female Friends
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Posted by Asianpornvideos  [ 18:09 ]
Last week, two interesting statistics on young people and sexual activity using their phones appeared in the media. The Journal of Pediatrics printed a study showing that 10 percent of kids age 10-17 have received or sent a sexually suggestive images, only 1 percent have shared images that display explicit nudity. The study suggests a few things: 1. It’s probably a tiny minority of the kids doing all the sexting, and 2. The hoopla over teens sexting is exactly that, hoopla. Here at Glamour we’re only so interested in what kids are doing (cue Helen Lovejoy’s “Won’t someone please think of the children!"), but this study begs the question: What exactly constitutes a sext?
With my two years as a sex/dating blogger, I feel I'm qualified to take a stab at this: a sext is subjective, and is really anything intended to make him hard or her wet. If you’re dating a guy who is super into feet, and you send him a photo of you trying in shoes, that’s a sext. If you’re dating a girl who has a dedicated spanking fetish, and you send her a picture of a ping pong paddle, that’s a sext. If your dating life lies somewhere in between and, like the rest of us, you like to see the occasional boob, bum, dick or chest pop up on your phone, just ask yourself: Is this meant to turn him/her on? If the answer is “yes” then according to me it’s sexting.
The question of sexting boils down to what Free Sex Moive someone finds sexy. As a professional appreciator of the written word, I’m often turned on by description more than visuals. You writing me in a text what you’re doing, or will be doing (to me) is probably going to trump a picture of you in your undies. Probably. Who doesn’t like a picture of someone they find sexy in their underwear? We’re all visual creatures. Words in my texts are just easier to shape and digest than imagery (all that graininess, oy).
The key difference is that words are just words and much harder to use than visuals for future embarrassment or legal action. There’s little risk with sending type. But maybe that’s part of the thrill. I can’t say. It’s really up to you.
And that’s just it, it’s really up to you: what constitutes a sext, what constitutes a flirt, and what constitutes a plain old texty text. I’ll say this, and it’s just my little opinion: a huge part of the art of sex is temptation, uncovering the unknown, and suspense. Think about that when you’re sexting. The imagination is a powerful thing; you’ll probably be much more successful with titillation than tits (or toes, if that happens to be his thing).
Have you sent sexually suggestive Teen Porn texts? Have you sent pictures? Have you received them?
Have a question about Dating, Relationships, or Sex for Single John? Submit it here. Can be totally Anonymous!
More on Hooking Up at
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*Sex Tip From a Guy: High-Five Your Way to Orgasm
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Posted by Asianpornvideos  [ 18:08 ]
The next time you and your boyfriend are smooching, gently Porno Tube grab the front of his shirt and pull him closer to you. It’s a small and subtle gesture that really lets him know you’re enjoying yourself. You could also move your hand up from wherever you’re holding onto his shirt and gently rub the back of his neck.
Dears, what are some of your favorite kissing moves? Do you run your hands through his hair? Squeeze his butt?
Need some more bedroom inspiration?
* Hooking Up: Turn Your Boyfriend on With This Simple Move
* Sex Tip from a Guy (And Our New Favorite TV Show!)
* Sex Tip From a Guy: High-Five Your Adult Pornography Way to Orgasm
Good morning, Smitten Kittens! Chatting about racy sex tips is a lot of fun, but this morning, let’s talk about a PG-13 hooking up move you and your boyfriend will love. Shy readers, feel free to click on through!
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